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The Great Plains Network is a consortium of universities in the Great Plains Region of the United States.  

You may learn more about GPN at http://www.greatplains.net.


Enhancing Cyberinfrastructure by Training and Engagement

  • ENCITE is a project of the Great Plains Network 
  • ENCITE is funded by the National Science Foundation Award #1440774 to Kansas State University
  • For more information, contact Kate Adams, Project Coordinator
(Rec) SciPass:OpenFlow Based IDS Load Balancer & Science DMZ
Friday, January 23, 2015 5:45:00 PM UTC - Wednesday, January 23, 2019 6:45:00 PM UTC
SciPass is an OpenFlow application designed to help network security scale to 100Gbps. In its simplest mode of operation, SciPass turns an OpenFlow switch into an IDS load balancer capable of considering sensor load in its balancing decisions. When operating in Science DMZ mode, SciPass uses Bro to detect "good" data transfers and programs bypass rules to avoid forwarding through institutional firewalls, improving transfer performance and reducing load on IT infrastructure. A.J.  talks about the current status of SciPass along with some intended use cases and how to get started using SciPass.


A.J. Ragusa
Andrew (A.J.) Ragusa is a Senior Software Engineer at the GlobalNOC. He has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Indiana University. He has been with GlobalNOC for more than 8 years. A.J. has a focus on writing and designing software for Software Defined Networking/OpenFlow, Network Management and Network Visualization.

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