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Dr. Bruce Clemens (Walter B. Reinhold Professor in the School of Engineering and Professor of Photon Science, and Applied Physics, Stanford University).

Dr. Clemens studies growth and structure of thin film, interface and nanostructured materials for catalytic, electronic and photovoltaic applications. He and his group investigate phase transitions and kinetics in nanostructured materials, and perform nanoparticle engineering for hydrogen storage and catalysis. Recently he and his collaborators have developed nano-portals for efficient injection of hydrogen into storage media, dual-phase nanoparticles for catalysis, amorphous metal electrodes for semiconductor devices, and a lift-off process for forming free-standing, single-crystal films of compound semiconductors.


Dr. Michael Hochella (University Distinguished Professor, Geosciences, Virginia Tech; Laboratory Fellow, Geosciences, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory).

Dr. Hochella is an Earth scientist concentrating in the area of geo-bio-environmental science on local, regional, and global levels.  His research interests are primarily focused on the nanoscience and nanotechnology aspects of environmental contaminants, whether found on the continents, in the atmosphere, or in the oceans.  Dr. Hochella‚Äôs team also seeks to find links in cause and effect of contaminants over a great range of scale, for example linking nano-phenomenon to impact on global chemistry.   Dr. Hochella is the founder and director of the Virginia Tech National Center for Earth and Environmental Nanotechnology Infrastructure.  He is a former President of both the Geochemical Society and the Mineralogical Society of America, is a Fellow of nine international scientific societies, and has served on high-level advisory committees at both the US National Science Foundation and the US Department of Energy.



Dr. Larry Goldberg (Senior Engineering Advisor in the Division of Electrical, Communications and Cyber Systems, Directorate for Engineering, National Science Foundation). 

Dr. Goldberg is lead program officer and guided the competition for the National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure (NNCI). He has coordinated joint activities on nanoelectronics with the Semiconductor Research Corporation, conducted under NSF's emphasis area on Nanoscale Science and Engineering. He led federal agency funding for the 2012 National Academies study on Optics and Photonics: Essential Technologies for Our Nation. He serves as NSF member of the interagency Wireless Spectrum Research and Development Senior Steering Group, and represents the Engineering Directorate on the NSF program Spectrum Efficiency, Energy Efficiency, and Security (SpecEES): Enabling Spectrum for All. He also coordinates the Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) program for the Engineering Directorate.

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